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Important Warning: Experimental Use of Blender Add-on Textures Diffusion

This Blender plugin is provided to you as an experimental tool, with no express or implied warranties of functionality, quality, or reliability. The use of this plugin is entirely at your own risk, and its author and developer disclaim all responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from its use.

This plugin is intended for experimental and educational purposes only. It is not recommended for use in production, especially in critical or professional environments. You are cautioned that errors, bugs, or unexpected behaviors may occur, which could lead to undesirable outcomes in your Blender projects.

No Support for Specific Requests

The author of this plugin cannot respond to specific requests for assistance, customization, or custom feature development. This plugin is provided "as is," with no commitment to provide technical support or future updates.

By using this plugin, you agree to these terms and understand the limitations associated with its use. Before integrating this plugin into your projects, we recommend thorough testing in a development or testing environment to assess its suitability for your specific needs.

The author of this plugin would like to emphasize the importance of regularly backing up your Blender work files and taking appropriate precautions to minimize any potential risks to your data and projects.

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